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Preliminary and accompanying excavations

The execution of archaeological excavations is our main competence. We are a trustworthy partner and will help you fulfil the authorities’ requirements!
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Test trenches aund preliminary research

When archaeological finds or other indications of soil heritage are present, preliminary research and an independent professional opinion of the situation are important. We ensure planning security!
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Archaeological consultation

You have received requirements from the authorities for your building project? We offer counsil in the planning, approach and integration of the necessary archaeological measures in your projects and support you in the communication with the authorities!
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ArchaeoConnect - archaeology in a new light!

Processing of documentation and finds

The next project is around the corner and you still need to process your documentation? Do you need technical support? Excavation documentation, wasting away in the archives, needs to be updated? We offer efficient solutions!
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Innovative methods of documentation

Efficient, frictionless procedures, a short timeframe and the warranty of the highest scientific standards are important to you. You can trust our experience in using the newest technologies, methods and documentation procedures. In the future we will continue to follow innovative paths in order to guarantee the best results!
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3D visualisation

You want to bring an archaeological site to life? Turn the results of your work into a unique experience? 3D technology and the use of new media offer a wide variety of possibilities! Reach out to us and we will orchestrate an exciting journey into the past for you!!
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