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Do archaeologists draw everything from hand?
No, the times in which archaeologists used to draw the structures found in the soil by hand for hours belong to the past. ArchaeoConnect has a wide array of modern techniques and methods to its disposal in order to guarantee a professional documentation. This includes the digital measuring of structures with a Total Station or 3-dimensional documentation using Structure-from-Motion and drones. Thus, the time necessary for on-site documentation is reduced and a speedy continuation of the construction work is made possible.
Archaeologists only work with a brush and a trowel – doesn’t that take forever?
This claim is only partially correct. Of course certain excavation situations call for a careful approach. Usually, however, it is possible to work with larger machinery, such as excavators. Especially methodological developments in recent years have led to time-saving measures on-site.
What about ArchaeoConnect’s data security concept?
In the preliminary stage and during archaeological excavations data are collected which are valuable not only from a scientific point of view. The planning process of an excavation is usually linked to a summary of various data from the construction plans. We treat these confidentially and prevent unauthorised access to these data through the consistent encrypting of digital data.

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