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Preliminary research • surveys • test trenches

Sondage mit einem Bagger. Surveys and test trenches are an effective way to estimate the risk of encountering archaeological remains in a certain area – such as the construction area – and their size.

Usually, surveys entail some literature research and the analysis of aerial photographs and LiDAR surface models. Added to this are field prospections of the affected area and the systematic collection and charting of surface finds. Through these measures it is possible to make an estimation. If necessary, complementary geomagnetic surveys of the area can be undertaken too, in order to obtain a first look into the subsoil.
However, nothing is more conlcusive than a direct look into the ground. In order to do this we excavate thin test trenches and document the structures and finds that appear. Depending on the affected area, such preliminary research can be carried out within a matter of days.

Based on this preliminary research it can then be decided whether alternative plans are in order, an archaeological excavation is required or further heritage protection measures are necessary. The results of the preliminary research form a decisive basis for the cost calculation and conceptualisation of a possible archaeological excavation.

With the help of early preliminary research, building delay can be significantly reduced or even avoided.

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