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Large scale excavations • urban excavations • large scale projects

Grabungsdokumentation mit digitaler Totalstation. You need a competent partner in the execution of archaeological measures?

Independently of which archaeological period is concerned, the scale of your projects and where and when you are planning to build, we execute an excavation project that is customized entirely to your individual requirements. Whether it is a small scale excavation in a rural area, a linear excavation along a marked-out construction site or a large scale building project in a city centre, we will find a solution.

Rescue excavations • emergency revovery • construction supervision

Freilegung von archäologischen Befunden. Depending on the acuteness of archaeological measures, we carry out our work before the construction, during, or a combination of both.

If the archaeological measures are planned early on, building delay can be significantly reduced or even avoided. Often archaeological measures become necessary for active building projects. Through a professional coordination of the cooperation with construction firms, a frictionless integration of the investigations into the building project is possible. Moreover, our modern documentation techniques help shorten the time needed on-site. Especially for large scale projects in Medieval- to Modern Era urban centres, our methodology offers clear advantages. Thus, construction delays can be reduced also for excavations contemporaneous to the building project.

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